Gamelan Mandala

Archive, 60min, 2021

1930年に建てられた歴史ある九州大学旧工学部本館を舞台に、福岡を拠点とするガムラン・グループ「パラグナhakata」が、藤枝守作曲の組曲「ガムラン曼荼羅」を演奏。そのパフォーマンスを360°カメラ2台で記録した実験映像作品。文化庁 地域と共働した博物館創造活動支援事業。

This work is an experimental video recording a performance at Former Faculty of Engineering Main Building completed in 1930. It was shot using two all-around 360 cameras. The gamelan group ‘PARAGUNA hakata’ based in Fukuoka performed the suite ‘Gamelan Mandala’ composed by Mamoru Fujieda. The program is supported by Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, for the Kyushu University Museum, 2021.

Recorded on the 21st November. 2021, at The Kyushu University Museum (Hakozaki Satellite)


  • Composed by Mamoru Fujieda
  • Suite "Gamelan Mandala” (2020)
  • Gamelan : Paraguna hakata
  • Movie : Yumi Sonoda
  • Produce: The Kyushu University Museum