0n time 0ne time

Stage, 45min, 2006,11,12


This is the first visual design for stage.
Three artists create a trans-genre collaborative performing environment in an old sake factory building, which itself provides a unique atmosphere. We had short version in France (2007).

2006 On time One time at 千代福 (in Fukuoka)上演

2007 Dance box 07 + VERSION CLIP (in France)上演

Technical rider

DURATION|45 minutes~
FORMsingle channel × Performance × instaration
TECHNICALprojector (over2,000lm) ×2, speaker, PC, cables
LIGHTblack out, spot for dancer
SCHEDULE-|8 hours for setting-up and 5 hours for the rehearsals


  • Dance : Matsuoka Chie
  • Art : Komesu Miki
  • Visual : Sonoda Yumi
  • Music : Meltcomp

What I did

  • Visual design
  • System
  • Direction