Music Short Movie, 6'53min, 2022 - 2023

The song is asking people, the actual and future generation ;

what is their purpose of life? What is the roots of your life and love? Where are your roots? What is your goal? As the TV shows? Glory, success, fame, building a perfect material life? Is that how to define happiness?

Even deeper: Starting with a certainties of what people think they want and can control «  I will do my best just to certify » with an arrogant streak and finishing on an incertain knowledge becoming more doubtful and fragile «  I will do my best just to satisfy ».

During the video a young child of 10 years old, that is the expression of purity and wisdom is into a quest of connecting each piece or person of his life and love together: The father, his siblings, his mother. All this Archetypes that are the strength of the family; the TRIBE. PULSE shows the power of the tribe which is where love stands. A unified family is the one that will carry the accomplishment of a being: together we are and will always be stronger.

text: VAYA


トロントを拠点に活動をするアーティストVAYAのMusic Short Movieをディレクションしました。

Shoot in Fukuoka, Japan / Release on 1st November 2023


  • Produced by VAYA & Yumi Sonoda
  • Directed by Yumi Sonoda
  • Music & Vocals by VAYA
  • Drums by Raphael Mtx


  • VAYA